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Enable better Ubuntu resolution with no monitor attached

In order to fix the resolution of Ubuntu, that by default comes as small as 600×400, I suggest to work on the X11 config file to try to achieve a more flexible setting that would enable your monitor set-up to go wider.


Thomson TG585v7 firmware upgrade

If you have a Thomson TG585v7 used on O2  and thus with the O2 firmware you might like to replace this firmware with something more flexible and powerful. Moreover, in my experience, the O2 firmware will not allow you to run the router on another broadband service so let’s replace it following these general guide steps :



Email Marketing – BizMail

Would you like to build and easily manage your audience by means of email marketing straight from your web presence? Then let us bring you the right solution to your business needs. Our Mailout solution can easily integrate within your web presence and is easy to administer and use for both customer base definition, segmentation, copy creation and editing and user tracking.



Facebook Applications/Integration


Connecting your application with the most common Social Media could make the difference between a site going viral and never being noticed

Art Bizmate we have extensive experience in the development of scalable Facebook applications with the potential to reach million of users on Social Networking websites like Facebook.


troubleshooting unixODBC install

common errors while installing unixODBC on unix/solaris


tar.gz file extraction

Small placeholder on how to extraxt tar.gz files.


Check disk space on Linux Solaris

the command to check all the system partitions is


to view the partition details in a more readable format with Gigabytes, Kilobytes etc use the h option

df -d 

Configuring DNS Primary Server – Solaris 8

If your solaris machine is not configured for DHCP, you need to set up the files


run configure for freeTDS with unixODBC

this it the command

./configure --prefix=/rsw \ --with-tdsver=8.0 \ --with-unixodbc=/rsw \ --with-openssl

in the prefix put the folder you want to install freeTDS to

with-unixodbc needs to be the folder where it has been installed 


How to configure Lynx, netscape, mozilla, IE, Mosaic proxy

For all configurations you may want to do you need the following two data elements