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2020-05-05 No Comments

Gmail/GSuite and their hidden domain reputation factor, causing email connectivity damages to small businesses.

Major internet service provider causing extensive business damages to our business due to their unreasonable and hidden service policies. As a small UK business we run online international software with several users signing up to our service from GMail or from email powered by GSuite, the Google email service provided to run email on their […]

2020-02-12 No Comments

GitLab Clone Private Repository with Access Token

When you are hosting private code, for instance for a reusable component, on Gitlab you will not be able to clone it unless you have access or are authenticated with the GitLab backend and are authorised to the repository. Access tokens are a great way to allow an alternative way to clone or add your […]

2019-02-21 No Comments

phpbrew install php 7.2 with almost everything

$ phpbrew install 7.2 +everything -dtrace -pgsql -tidy