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2023-12-07 No Comments

ubuntu kernel updates and unstable nvidia drivers

Notice this page is an informal log of some of the debugging and troubleshooting for Nvidia drivers and Kernel updates problems. Nvidia provides Linux/Ubuntu drivers out of the box. Installing them is really easy such as running `sudo ubuntu-drivers install` . Quite often though these drivers might not be compatible or still have problems so […]

2023-11-27 No Comments

Checking and rolling back migrations with doctrine.

This is a quick note on how to work with doctrine migrations When a change in the mapping is done you can run I have no name!@7efd2339724b:/var/www/html$ bin/console doctrine:schema:validate Mapping ------- [OK] The mapping files are correct. Database -------- [ERROR] The database schema is not in sync with the current mapping file. This will show […]

2023-05-04 No Comments

Give meaningful names to your Natwest bank statements using bash and phptotext

Why are certain banks so bad when it comes to naming your e-statements from your accounts? Why when you download a statement from your account you get a PDF names like “b5862f22-c86f-4195-a756-8ea2e009da85.pdf“. Would it help if the file had a more meaningful name such as “MYACCOUNT-NAME_ACCOUNT-NUMBER_YYYYMMDD.pdf” where you know from the name exactly what account […]