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2023-05-04 No Comments

Give meaningful names to your Natwest bank statements using bash and phptotext

Why are certain banks so bad when it comes to naming your e-statements from your accounts? Why when you download a statement from your account you get a PDF names like “b5862f22-c86f-4195-a756-8ea2e009da85.pdf“. Would it help if the file had a more meaningful name such as “MYACCOUNT-NAME_ACCOUNT-NUMBER_YYYYMMDD.pdf” where you know from the name exactly what account […]

2023-04-01 No Comments

Mauritius as a Digital Nomad

This page collects some information based on experience and current knowledge of looking into Mauritius as a Digital Nomad to come and live here for periods longer than 90 days. Do I need a Visa to move to Mauritius as a Digital Nomad? A tourist can come for approximately 90 days but a digital nomad […]

2023-03-16 No Comments

linux bash file rename with dates formatted as DD-MM-YYYY to YYYYMMDD

I am often, as I assume several other people, served with files from online services that have rather strange or incomplete formats and information on their name. Especially for bank accounts I like an element of semantic description, such as “CreditCard”, “{bankName}_statement”, etc. followed by a well formatted date such as YYYYMMDD, standing for year, […]