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2019-02-21 No Comments

phpbrew install php 7.2 with almost everything

$ phpbrew install 7.2 +everything -dtrace -pgsql -tidy

2018-06-14 No Comments

AWS SES Credentials Generation

Simple Email Service (SES) is one of the great AWS services for email As per original instructions, credentials for this service can be generated from the console or you could generate it from your user credentials, AWS Secret Access Key.

2018-02-19 No Comments

Getting started with PHP and RabbitMQ queues using Docker in style

RabbitMQ is a great option for the implementation of an AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) queuing system. Why would you need a queuing system? So that you can offload heavy tasks to be processed in a separate process asynchronously and avoid blocking your client, on your website for instance.