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Mauritius as a Digital Nomad

This page collects some information based on experience and current knowledge of looking into Mauritius as a Digital Nomad to come and live here for periods longer than 90 days.

Do I need a Visa to move to Mauritius as a Digital Nomad?

A tourist can come for approximately 90 days but a digital nomad (someone working remotely from Mauritius) can consider the Premium Visa . The Premium Visa might be applicable to other kind of foreigners interested to move to Mauritius too.

How is broadband on the island?

Mauritius connection is not too bad. You might notice some connection difference but performance is very good in Mauritius too. As far as I know you can get a broadband connection  of up to 1Gb but so far I have been great on a 100 Mb. MyT broadband only offers are available, but you can also check out packages with TV a bundle.

How is the electricity service in Mauritius?

My experience as a ex European citizen is that electricity can drop several times during the month or also during the day. Often these are short drops of current but sometimes during bad weather and cyclones blackout might last longer up to a few hours. This is based on my experience so far. As I could not afford to have my system shut down whist working due to a small drop in electricity I bought a UPS. In Mauritius I could not find a premium UPS provided but found one that I think it is good value for money from Jacey Computers in Port Luis, the capital city of Mauritius. If I experience a blackout I have about 20/30 minutes of up-time. If I see it lasting longer than 15 minutes I usually save my work and shut my systems down.

Where can I find a property to rent?

First of all all the sites I know about property in Mauritius are:

  1. Lexpress Property 
  2. Property Map
  3. Property Cloud

About areas the North is definitely the busiest together with the West with areas like Grand Bay, Flic en flac. However my preference is to have a long public beach where I can do some jogging and this is impossible in most parts of Grand Bay and in Flic en Flac the beach is nice but one of the greatest things I love about some places in Mauritius are beaches like Belle Mare in the East where you can run in between the shadow of the trees, do a nice workout and then enjoy a swim too. It really depends on what you need but this is a 5 min perspective.