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Enable PHP Debugging – Eclipse XAMPP Chrome

Enable PHP Debugging – Eclipse XAMPP Chrome

At this point we should be set to go … both PHP, Eclipse and your Chrome Browser and plugin are ready for a run-time debugging session.

All you need to do now is

  1. In Eclipse, insert a breakpoint where you want to inspect the runtime code of your php application
    Eclipse set a breakpoint
    Notice that there is a dot next to line 2 of the code above, if you want to include or remove a break point just double click on the side where the dot is supposed to appear.
  2. Enable the Xdebug plugin on Chrome, set it to Debug
    Xdebug plugin activate on Google Chrome.
  3. Call the PHP page application from Chrome
  4. Now Eclipse should prompt you to switch to the Debug perspective, accept … you can go back to the PHP perspective later if you want, and it will stop at your first break point.

You should now have all you need. If for some reason it is not working for you try to contact me from this site or google is your friend