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Email Marketing – BizMail

Email Marketing – BizMail

Would you like to build and easily manage your audience by means of email marketing straight from your web presence? Then let us bring you the right solution to your business needs. Our Mailout solution can easily integrate within your web presence and is easy to administer and use for both customer base definition, segmentation, copy creation and editing and user tracking.


In more details our solution includes :


  • Easy copy editing from a user friendly Web Interface to write, edit and send messages.
  • Message scheduling straight from our solution to run your campaigns unattended against every user of your campaign queue.
  • Scalable customer base management including handling of huge lists of users above 100 000.
  • User tracking implemented by recoding number of users opening email messages and user clicks on tracking enabled links.
  • Integrate within your web site using templating tecnolgy in order to match your site look and feel.
  • Define custom user attributes in the list property and ability to use these properties dynamically both within email campaigns messages and for targetting reference
  • Easily create HTML/text hibrid version of the mail message straight from a user friendly web editor straight from the administration side including attachments.
  • Bounce handling, message throttling and maximum number of messages sending in a period of time.

For further information please contact us with the details of your requirements and we will get back to you ASAP.