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Websites are often static windows of content that have no special interaction or attraction to its user.

We can help you build a more engaging site/application by allowing your users to voice interact with your site and business.

Our web to IVR solution allows your users to leave a message in your voice mail system with the possibility to directly display the messages in your website feedback page, support queue, business memos list, voice contribution list, etc

An example of the amazing experience a web2IVR solution brings to your applications can be seen with the Sound Off for Justing -> Leave a Voicemail integration.

The Sound Off For Justice runs a Bizmate Solutions custom web2IVR integration that allows users to leave a voice message against Ken Clarke’s Legal Aid cuts announced by the conservative’s government early in 2011. The user enters ¬†name, email, postcode and as required a correct phone number. This allows our system to record the user interest in leaving a voice mail but also it calls the user telephone in realtime.

When the call is received by the user an automated voice message system greets the user and allows for a 90seconds voice message to be left on the website.

If you are interested in Web2IVR solution or would like a consultancy around web, application integration and voice systems please contact us via the website.