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Agile Coaching & Delivery

Time to market and how effective your business is in delivering quality IT solutions could be a crucial differentiator against competition.

Development methodologies, Waterfall vs Agile

Agile Versus Waterfall development methodologies


update git on ubuntu server

Are you stuck with an old version of git on your ubuntu server? Please continue reading below.


Mysql – enable table logging in general_log

Sometimes in DB used by different applications you might like to monitor what queries are executed and see them directly on your mysql client, like SqlYog or Sequel Pro.


GIT archive files

This is a brief note on how to export the last revision of your git repository to a directory or archive file.


Enable SSL virtual host in apache2 xampp

SSL set up on Apache needs a ssl enabled virtual host configuration with  matching certificate and private key.


Enable PHP Debugging – Eclipse XAMPP Chrome

Please note this article has been changed to be flexible enough to allow set-up of Xdebug for any Xamp environment (Windows/linux/mac). Also it directs you to use the Chrome Xdebug plugin so you can control when Xdebug is enabled for your application straight from Chrome without changing your php configuration and restarting Apache.

These are the different steps required to get the installation working

  1. Install the Xdebug PHP module in your php.ini – download the Xdebug module and enable it in PHP
  2. in eclipse configure the debug options to use Xdebug as default debugging tool
  3. Install and configure Xdebug Chrome Plugin
  4. Test the whole functionality from the browser

Go to the next page for detailed instructions on step 1.


Enable PHP Errors

These following methods can be used to enable display of errors


Add user to group in linux

I have recently installed virtualbox on my ubuntu and I could not get usb devices to work.

This is because in order for virtualbox to use your usb resources it is required that the current user is added to the virtual box user group



Websites are often static windows of content that have no special interaction or attraction to its user.

We can help you build a more engaging site/application by allowing your users to voice interact with your site and business.


Bulk rename files in linux

I had to rename about 200 files that were renamed by an application from MyFile to MyFile.loaded