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AWS SES Credentials Generation

AWS SES Credentials Generation

Simple Email Service (SES) is one of the great AWS services for email

As per original instructions, credentials for this service can be generated from the console or you could generate it from your user credentials, AWS Secret Access Key.

In order to help with this we have created a small script to ease the creation of this credential token/hash

  1. You need docker and bash installed on your system (you can use cygwin in Windows)
  2. git clone git@github.com:bizmate/aws-ses-credentials-generator.git

  3. run

    ./SesSmtpCredentialGenerator.sh {your-AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY-here}

You dont need the brackes, just pass your AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY as an argument to the script.

The java docker image is downloaded and the class compiled the first time the script is run.
Your output will look like

Pulling from library/java
Status: Downloaded newer image for java:7
Compiling SesSmtpCredentialGenerator class
Your SES Credential is

I hope this helped. If so please share it, like our page on facebook or contact us to let us know