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Thomson TG585v7 firmware upgrade

Thomson TG585v7 firmware upgrade

If you have a Thomson TG585v7 used on O2  and thus with the O2 firmware you might like to replace this firmware with something more flexible and powerful. Moreover, in my experience, the O2 firmware will not allow you to run the router on another broadband service so let’s replace it following these general guide steps :



  1. Find a tool to replace the router firmware.
    Use the Thomson update tool Upgrade-ST-Version-4_7_2-with-BE-_-02-585.zip or the Bethere broadband upgrade software. Please note the Thomson tool includes a copy of the original O2 firmware and one for the Bethere firmware.
  2. Decide which firmware profile you would like to use.
    The Bethere firmware is the best one( 585 Be Firmware v7_74K3.bin )  but I will leave here a few more if you change your mind. 585 Firmware 6_1_4_3v6.zip585v7_74K3.zipO2 Firmware 7_4_2_6_0 TG585V7.zip .

  3. Set a static IP address on your PC to avoid loosing connectivity from the router while uploading the firmware.

  4. Make sure you know the super user account to access the Thompson box when overwriting the firmware. For the O2 branded version of the router use the super user details (User = SuperUser password = O2Br0ad64nd)

  5. Run the update tool and replace firmware
The above has worked fine for me but please note that if you wish to use the router for a different service fromt the O2 adsl one, you might need to change some other configuration in the router before it will let you access the Internet.
Also if you wish to turn your router into a switch please see this


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