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Facebook Applications/Integration

Facebook Applications/Integration


Connecting your application with the most common Social Media could make the difference between a site going viral and never being noticed

Art Bizmate we have extensive experience in the development of scalable Facebook applications with the potential to reach million of users on Social Networking websites like Facebook.

Bizmate produces Facebook applications and interfaces by using Facebook the standard Graph API.

An example of a facebook application built by us is the Beppe Grillo News application.

The application allows to read Beppe Grillo’s Blog news straight from your facebook account. With a very simple interface, users can expand and read the full articles or follow the link at the bottom to the original article straight on the blog without leaving Facebook.

In more technical details the application includes:

– Full RSS news interfacing, with automatic clean up of embedded incorrect  xHTML

– Facebook optimised looks and feel

– Dynamic Summary/Full article show and hide option.


Let your social media integration get started and contact us with your questions and requirements.